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Activism and Innovative Projects by Ana Jervis and Miguel Leal

Ana Jervis – Zootechnical Engineer; Social Entrepreneur and Sustainability Promoter When I was a child, I liked to do beachcombing, discovering animals, seaweeds and debris on the high tide line. I wanted to be an astronaut, then a veterinarian, and then I graduated in Zootechnical Engineering, I attended a MSc in Marine and Coastal Sciences and worked as a biologist in public aquaria, with fish, amphibians and reptiles, in Environmental Education, Marine Biology and Natural Beekeeping.
I have made my contribution in the management of environmental projects, supporting school projects, creating of a pedagogical apiary and civic and environmental movements, such as Aveiro em Transição (AeT), which has given me the opportunity to know so many other projects and people, in other countries, and realize how I like to bring them together, projects and people. Work, beekeeping and Transition Towns have led me to work with my colleague Miguel with the YogurtNest project, in the company where we create tools to empower families and make them more sustainable, resilient and happy. I cannot live without doing outdoor activities and sports, cooking with wild plants, photographing and traveling to get to know places, people and new flavors.

Miguel Leal – Attracted to the Natural World, from a very young age, my life was spent between Portugal and Canada.
It is no wonder, then, that I would eventually find myself hiking the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, or contemplating the vastness of the Canadian Arctic, having been lucky enough to combine some my greatest passions, working as a travel photographer and writer.
I eventually graduated in Marine Biology and went on to improve my education on how to fix the Planet.
My concerns with the Planet’s sustainability led me to become a beekeeper and, ultimately, to found TimberBee, a beekeeping company with a twist. It was there, interestingly enough, that the YogurtNest was born, as the sum of all these experiments and experiences, successes and failures.
Thanks to the YogurtNest, I get the chance to envision new products that will help us live more sustainably, and turn them into reality.
Off work, I love to explore the outdoors, share my passion for the Planet, read travel literature and to run endless trails through wild landscapes.

We thank the organization WEF – Woman Economic Forum – Portugal 2019 for inviting us and creating all the conditions so that the Mindalia Television team could realize these transforming contents.

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